Hearts of Gold Pillowcases - Pair

Hearts of Gold Pillowcases - Pair

The Pillowcase

Our handcrafted pillowcases are perfect to add a decorative style to any bedroom. Made from our signature linen cotton fabric they are soft and breathable, while easy to care for.

Featuring all over printed fabric with an envelope closure to keep your pillow secure, and label on the inside so it doesn't irritate you while you sleep! 


The Design

Hearts of Gold takes you through intertwined orchids and hibiscus flowers, with bold leaves and gold highlights. Named after the 'Hearts of Gold' orchid variety, these flowers are long stemmed with a light citrus fragrance and deep golden colour. Paired with a typical island flower, the hibiscus, you can imagine wandering through this floral paradise. Available in Gold colourway, with a natural background textured pattern on a light natural toned basecloth.

Fabric Composition: 55% Linen, 45% Cotton

Size: Standard 73cm x 48cm